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One Less Thing to Worry About- WiFi & Your Health

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With the death of my beloved Mitsubishi Lancer, it was finally time to begin the dreaded search for a car. Our number one requirement was safety. I was willing to sacrifice space, gas mileage and more to know that my babies would be as safe as they possibly could be. Fortunately, We didn’t have to sacrifice much and with our new car came some great additional safety features we weren’t expecting to get such as a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring and Bluetooth. Bluetooth? Yes, for many people it is considered a safety feature but for me it raised questions of what kind of radiation cloud was I exposing my children to every time I turned on the car. This led me to also question what effects was our in home WiFi causing.

As I began my research, it immediately looked like the answer to my question would be yes. Yes, you are exposing your children to extremely harmful radiation. However, I was looking at a website selling a product to protect people from the harmful effects of WiFi- not exactly an unbiased website. So, I continued my research.

As it turns out countless studies have been conducted and the results time after time comes back showing no effects. It’s not that we are completely protected from any exposure, but the amount is so minimal that there is almost no possibility of any health issues. According to, “It has been estimated that you get a bigger dose of microwaves from one 20-minute phone call than from a year’s WiFi.”

There’s nothing wrong with being extra cautious so you may want to limit your exposure if you’re still concerned but there’s no need to pull out the think blue cords or stop rocking out in our cars to Pandora.


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