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Wishing all mommies a happy Mother’s Day- especially mine!

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No one said being a mommy is easy but having amazing children sure does help. If you’re lucky enough to have earned the title of “mom” in someone’s life then you deserve this day. Being a mom is not just the act of bearing children. Being a mom is a title that’s earned. As moms we spend our lives fighting for our children’s safety and happiness. I may look crazy, obsessive and neurotic sometimes, but that’s because it’s my job as their mom to ensure that they live the best life possible. We may not always know what is the best thing for our kids, but we always make the the right decisions when it comes to them because it is what we believe is best at that moment.

I’m lucky to have such a special woman for a mom who has taught me so much and continues to do so. I wouldn’t be half the mom I am without her. She has spent her life ensuring my happiness to the best of her ability. I will always be grateful for the sacrifices that she has made for me throughout the years.

I’ve also been blessed with two other women who have been so loving and influential in my life that I couldn’t imagine life without them. One I called Nanny and the other is my God-mother. From painting my nails as a little girl to helping me make life decisions to even officiating at my wedding; I hope my children are lucky enough to have someone as special as them in their lives.

I hope that everyone is lucky enough to have the love from a mom that I have and wish everyone a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day!


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