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When to Buy Organic & When to Save Your Money

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Eliminating pesticides and chemicals from my family’s diet is extremely important to me. But since we’re on a budget, I can’t always afford to buy all of our produce from the organic section. So when should we dish out the extra money for expensive organic food and when is it OK to keep some money in our pocket? I’ve listed it out below to make shopping and saving money easy for you. You’re going to want to print this list and keep it in your wallet so you have it every time you’re shopping!

ALWAYS Buy Organic
-Celery -Cherry Tomatoes -Cherries
-Cucumbers -Grapes -Hot Peppers
-Leafy Greens -Nectarines -Pears
-Potatoes -Spinach -Strawberries
-Sweet Bell Peppers

OK to Buy Non-Organic
-Asparagus -Avocado -Broccoli
-Cabbage -Cantaloupe -Cauliflower
-Eggplant -Grapefruit -Kiwi
-Mango -Papaya -Pineapple
-Sweet Peas -Sweet Potato -Watermelon

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