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Skin Deep- App Recommendation


I came across Skin Deep while researching the safety level of different products. I instantly fell in love with this app because of its easy use and rating system. I immediately ran to my shower, cosmetic bag and medicine cabinet to scan all my products and wow- was I surprised.

What is Skin Deep?
Skin Deep is an app that allows you to scan cosmetics and personal care products to determine how safe it is to use. Each product is rated with a number score (1 to 10) and a level of low, moderate or high.
EWG, the maker of Skin Deep is an organization with boat loads of information on how to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins from both foods and products.
Scan or type in your favorite products to see if they are safe or potentially put your health at risk. It’s also great on your smart phone. It allows you to scan products in the store before you buy. Best of all it’s free!
The app is available for IPhones and Androids. Get your app here.

Many of the products in my bathroom and around my house are purchased with the intention of buying safer, greener products, but I don’t always have the time do the necessary research. I’ve learned quickly that just because a product is geared towards toddlers or sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

As I said, I started scanning all the products I could find as soon as I downloaded the app. Here are some of the results I found:

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash Moderate- 5
I honestly thought this was a great product that wouldn’t expose my skin to harmful, unwanted chemicals. I’ve used it as an inexpensive alternative to a product that I had been using in the past. I expected Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash to rate fairly low.

I was shocked to see a product that has “sensitive skin experts” written across it get a rating of 5- moderate because of potential allergens.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Moderate- 6
Growing up, we always used Neutrogena products because we were a family of sensitive skin. The truth is that I had stopped using this cleanser years ago because it didn’t remove makeup well. I’m not sure why I kept it for so long, but I was sure it would rate low with words like “gentle”, fragrance-free” and “dermatologist recommended” written on the bottle.

I was surprised once again to find a product I thought was meant for sensitive skin to rate moderate. Not only did it rate high in the allergy category, but it shows a risk for cancer.

Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Low- 1
After the last two products, I actually went looking for this because of all the advertising they do about how gentle and good it is for your skin I had to see what it rated.

Well this was a relief to finally find a product was as safe as advertised.

Tom’s Natural Children’s Fluoride Toothpaste Silly Strawberry Low- 2
I purchased this toothpaste for my daughter after reading a Facebook post that was going around about chemicals in toothpaste based on a color strip on the tube (turns out that was completely false, but I didn’t find that out until after running to the store.)

Once I found out that the color on the tube had nothing to do with chemical composition, I would go back and forth between giving this toothpaste and Orajel, but I’m happy to know this one is safe for her.

Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste Moderate- 5
I may be wrong about this, but I think this is a pretty popular brand that parents give their kids when they start brushing their teeth. I’ve always felt that this was a reputable brand, so when I scanned their bar code in Skin Deep I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’ll be throwing this toothpaste away immediately- especially since I already have a toothpaste for Sloane that has a much lower rating.

Secret Invisible Solid Spring Breeze Moderate- 5
For years I’ve been concerned with what’s in deodorant, but haven’t found a natural alternative that actually works. Despite knowing it would rate high, I was nervous to scan it and see how high it actually would do.

I can’t even begin to describe what a relief this was. Not that I ever want a moderate rating on products I regularly use, but I can tolerate it while I continue searching for an alternative.

Neutragena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel High- 7
I was eager to try another Neutragena product after the high rating the face cleanser received in hopes that it was actually a reputable brand with one product hiccup.

After 2 products with bad ratings, I will no longer have Neutragena products in my home!

Hempz Original Herbal Moisturizer High- 7
Since the word “pure” is written on the front of the bottle I would normally assume this would rate low, but I ended up have a reaction to this lotion after months of using it. When my eczema flared up on my hand, this lotion only made it worse. So how would it rate?

As you can imagine I wasn’t at all shocked to find a high rating under allergy.

What are your thoughts on this app? Have you used it? Will you try this it? Share any products with ratings you were surprised about below.


3 thoughts on “Skin Deep- App Recommendation

  1. I LOVE the EWG Skin Deep data base! I use it ALL the time when trying to find products that are completely nontoxic to use in my professional makeup kit that I use for work and for finding products to use on myself at home! Thanks for getting the word out there about this super helpful and amazing resource!! Since you are interested in nontoxic beauty, check out my blog, The Red Lip! It’s all about nontoxic beauty, makeup, hair, tutorials and diy! Here it is:

  2. Ive been loving your blog by the way : ]

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