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Adventures in Cultivating My Not So Green Thumb

I have a bad, yet well deserved, reputation for killing anything that thrives in dirt. I think I’m following the directions on the insert in the plant or on the seed packet, but I always manage to water too little, water too much, plant before the last frost, prune incorrectly, or, my favorite, plant bulbs upside down. (I imagine somewhere in Australia there are beautiful peonies sprouting spontaneously.)

This year seems to be an improvement to the past for me. I’ve managed to plant bulbs that have all sprouted and my cucumber and sunflower plants are still alive after starting them from seeds.

Scrolling around Pinterest, I’ve been really intrigued by the idea of growing plants from food scraps. I’ve tried twice to grow avacados from pits but both were duds. I’m not totally sure why it didn’t work since everyone says it’s very easy, but it’s free so I plan to keep trying.

You may find this page provides great ideas and helpful tips for gardening or you might just get a good laugh. Either way, I’ll be sharing my gardening adventures here for you to enjoy!

Pineapple- Growing a plant from kitchen scraps.
Last night I tried a new chicken and pineapple kabob recipe that was amazing! I remembered seeing instructions somewhere about growing a new pineapple plant from the top if an old one, so I kept the top. I was too tired to do anything with it last night, so I put it in a bag and left it in the fridge.

This morning I googled and searched Pinterest for instructions. After reading numerous posts, I quickly realized I wasn’t supposed to cut it but instead twist the top off. So I did that to the part that I had cut off. It seemed to work just fine and since you have to cut any remaining fruit off anyway to prevent it from rotting, I think it should be ok.

I then pulled off the bottom leaves. I read to pull off about an inch of leaves but that was leaving me with very little so I took off just over 3/4 of an inch.


The next step is to let it dry out for a few days which is where I’m at now. I’ll let you know how it goes from here…


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