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When to Buy Organic & When to Save Your Money

Eliminating pesticides and chemicals from my family’s diet is extremely important to me. But since we’re on a budget, I can’t always afford to buy all of our produce from the organic section. So when should we dish out the extra money for expensive organic food and when is it OK to keep some money in our pocket? I’ve listed it out below to make shopping and saving money easy for you. You’re going to want to print this list and keep it in your wallet so you have it every time you’re shopping!

ALWAYS Buy Organic
-Celery -Cherry Tomatoes -Cherries
-Cucumbers -Grapes -Hot Peppers
-Leafy Greens -Nectarines -Pears
-Potatoes -Spinach -Strawberries
-Sweet Bell Peppers

OK to Buy Non-Organic
-Asparagus -Avocado -Broccoli
-Cabbage -Cantaloupe -Cauliflower
-Eggplant -Grapefruit -Kiwi
-Mango -Papaya -Pineapple
-Sweet Peas -Sweet Potato -Watermelon

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Will you be watching who will be crowned Season 13’s American Idol tonight?

Turn the TV on and make some popcorn cause there will be some great performances. But before you make that popcorn, make sure you read these tips for a healthier bowl of popcorn.

Microwave popcorn can be dangerous.
Perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA) can be found in the lining of many popular microwavable popcorn bags. PFOA is believed to be a carcinogen so you want to try to avoid it.

Choose organic microwavable popcorn.
Brands like Newmans Own Organics and Orville Redenbacher have come out with ingredient-conscious microwavable popcorns that use only natural ingredients.

Use a paper bag to pop popcorn in the microwave.
Fill the paper bag with popcorn, roll the top down and seal it closed with a little tape. Pop in microwave like usual.

Use a popcorn popper.
The best part of this is that you control exactly what is added to your popcorn- if anything! Poppers can be used alone or on the stovetop, depending on the model you use. They range from $15 to $30 to much higher for larger ones.


Product Review- HoneyBee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation

For about the past 5 years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect- or at least tolerable- mineral powder foundation under $30. I first fell in love with a higher-end mineral foundation when it was brought in as the makeup line where I was working at the time. It had great coverage and was extremely professional looking. When I moved, I was unable to find it locally and didn’t want to pay shipping so I stopped using it. After a while I decided to try using it again, but I found that it didn’t have the great coverage I had come to know. As a stay at home mom I’m always on a budget. At a price point of $44, I couldn’t reason spending that kind of money on something I didn’t absolutely love.

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Wishing all mommies a happy Mother’s Day- especially mine!

No one said being a mommy is easy but having amazing children sure does help. If you’re lucky enough to have earned the title of “mom” in someone’s life then you deserve this day. Being a mom is not just the act of bearing children. Being a mom is a title that’s earned. As moms we spend our lives fighting for our children’s safety and happiness. I may look crazy, obsessive and neurotic sometimes, but that’s because it’s my job as their mom to ensure that they live the best life possible. We may not always know what is the best thing for our kids, but we always make the the right decisions when it comes to them because it is what we believe is best at that moment.

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Dangerous Chemicals in Our Clothing

Two months ago I would have never even realized there was a concern about chemicals in our clothing. I’m embarrassed to admit this but when I would see a yellow tag hanging off children’s pajamas I would avoid those clothes like the plague. You know, the yellow tag that says, “For child’s safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch fire.” I felt that it was crazy for me to put something on my children that was so dangerous it had a warning label.

As I shopped for cooler pajamas in preparation for our trip to Florida, I was finding it close to impossible to find pajamas without this label. I, along with my in-laws, searched many stores but wasn’t having any luck. It suddenly dawned on me that in 2014 we are trending for safer products so my thinking had to be wrong. This scary yellow warning label had to be a good thing.

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Oil Pulling

Have you heard of it? Oil pulling. It’s not a process used for car maintenance but rather for oral health. It’s becoming the next big thing and has even been written about on Huffington Post.

This “next big thing” is actually an ancient Ayurvedic technique and many claim that the benefits go far beyond oral health but may even help in conditions such as chronic migraines, arthritis, eczema & many more. However, studies have only shown benefits on oral care.

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One Less Thing to Worry About- WiFi & Your Health

With the death of my beloved Mitsubishi Lancer, it was finally time to begin the dreaded search for a car. Our number one requirement was safety. I was willing to sacrifice space, gas mileage and more to know that my babies would be as safe as they possibly could be. Fortunately, We didn’t have to sacrifice much and with our new car came some great additional safety features we weren’t expecting to get such as a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring and Bluetooth. Bluetooth? Yes, for many people it is considered a safety feature but for me it raised questions of what kind of radiation cloud was I exposing my children to every time I turned on the car. This led me to also question what effects was our in home WiFi causing.

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