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Smoothies make a healthy on-the-go delicious breakfast and a refreshing treat any time of day. But if you’re too intimidated to create your own blends or stuck in a rut making the same recipe day after day then here are some easy combinations to help keep it simple yet the varieties are endless.

These instructions make about 2 (generous) servings, or as it works in my house, 1 serving, 1 toddler serving and 6 popsicles. You can cut the amounts in half if you’re only making one serving or increase it as need be.

Pick your fruit (2 cups)
I prefer frozen, but you can use any combination of fresh and frozen. For convenience, I often buy cut frozen fruit.

Pick your yogurt (1 cup)
For a healthier smoothie choose plain Greek yogurt. For a thinner
texture or if you prefer not to use yogurt you can skip this step.

Pick your liquid (1cup)
Green tea, coconut water, juice or almond milk (or whatever type you

Pick your veggie (1cup)
Spinach, kale or anything soft enough to blend. This is a great way to
sneak veggies into a picky eater’s diet!
Pick your super food (optional, 1 tbsp)
Chia seeds, flax seed, almonds, cinnamon,

Other tips:
-Add left overs to popsicle molds & place in freezer for a yummy treat!
-Use fruits and veggies that you have on hand. Strawberries about to go bad? Toss them in!
-If your fruit isn’t frozen, add a few ice cubes
-Be creative so you don’t get stuck in a rut. Think mango/banana, peach/mango/coconut, mango, strawberry/banana, banana/pineapple/peach,
-If you prefer to use fresh fruit, freeze juice, green tea or coconut water in ice cube trays the night before to get the frozen texture

What creative smoothies have you tried?