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Basics of Essential Oils

I was first introduced to essential oils when I worked in the spa industry. I learned about the benefits of several oils and incorporated them into my work often. If a client was stressed or had troubled sleeping, I would always recommend an essential oil added to their massage. Since I had access to oils, on occasion I would try smelling one to help release my headaches. When I was past my due date with Sloane, I spent most of the work day smelling lavender because it is believed to help bring on labor. Unfortunately, I never had any good results until about 6 months ago.

As a part of my effort to lead a cleaner and greener life, I started using essential oils again. This time I used them to clean my home and added them to scentless candles so that my family wasn’t breathing in whatever chemicals are in candles to make them smell so good. Since I was having better luck using oils I wanted to research more ways to use them.

Essential oils are a great way to easily make the cross-over to a cleaner, non-toxic lifestyle. Since they are 100% natural you always know what you’re working with and don’t have to worry about any unwanted chemicals being added to your products.

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One Less Thing to Worry About- WiFi & Your Health

With the death of my beloved Mitsubishi Lancer, it was finally time to begin the dreaded search for a car. Our number one requirement was safety. I was willing to sacrifice space, gas mileage and more to know that my babies would be as safe as they possibly could be. Fortunately, We didn’t have to sacrifice much and with our new car came some great additional safety features we weren’t expecting to get such as a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring and Bluetooth. Bluetooth? Yes, for many people it is considered a safety feature but for me it raised questions of what kind of radiation cloud was I exposing my children to every time I turned on the car. This led me to also question what effects was our in home WiFi causing.

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Could Cleaning Chicken be Killing Us?

Would it shock you to hear that most chicken in the US is soaked in chlorine? This is happening all over the country and the primary method used to reduce contamination from bacteria in the country. As a result, other countries throughout the world have banned the import of US chicken. Chlorine washed chicken is a potentially deadly practice that could be making many of us sick.

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