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5 Steps Towards a Nontoxic Kitchen

Many of the toxic chemicals found in our bodies are known to come from the foods we eat. That means that the kitchen is harboring a ton of toxins, risking the health of our families. Here are 5 ways to remove those dangerous chemicals and continue on your journey of toxic-free living.

1. Switch Your Cooking Utensils– BPA is a common component in plastic, so the plastic spoons and spatulas you’re using for cooking could be leaking BPA in to the food your family eats every day. Metal utensils can scratch your pans causing them to potentially release more chemicals into your food.
Make the nontoxic switch: Many cooking utensils are now made out of bamboo which is safer for your health. It’s also a renewable resource so it’s also good for the environment.

2. Recycle Your Plastic Food Storage Containers– If your specific ones can be recycled in your area. Your food sits in the plastic, absorbing dangerous chemicals, once again putting your family’s health at risk. Have you ever heated food in these? Those toxic chemicals have an ever better chance of leaking into your food.
Make the nontoxic switch: Switch to glass containers. Yes, they are more expensive and heavier, but its worth the safety of your family. Plus, you can go back to heating foods in the same container you use to store them in making for less clean up.

3. Stop Buying Canned Foods– the epoxy resin that lines cans is made with BPA, making it one of the leading causes of BPA in our bodies.
Make the nontoxic switch: Many of the foods commonly purchased in cans can be found in alternative packaging. Buy fresh or frozen veggies, boxed broths and dried beans. If you can’t find an alternative then avoid it all together- the benefits are not worth the risks when it comes to canned foods.

4. Eliminate Non-Stick Pans From Your Home– Non-stick pans are extremely popular. I’ve been a fan for years, as are many people who want to use less oil and butter when cooking. Plus they are extremely easy to clean. But they are known to release dangerous chemicals at temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and according to Web MD, that’s not an unusual temperature for cooking. And the Environmental Working Group has reported, “at 680 degrees Fahrenheit, Teflon releases at least six toxic gases, including two carcinogens.”
Make the nontoxic switch: Many makers of nonstick pans have agreed to start phasing out the use of PFOA (Perfluorooctanic acid) by 2015 but PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) still remains. Consider cast iron or stainless steel. Xtrema Ceramic Cookware carries a line of ceramic cookware that is Lead and Cadmium and Heavy Toxic Metal Free. PFOA & PTFE Free with no unsafe non-stick coating. It is also versatile, easy to clean, can with stand high temperatures, durable and long lasting (it comes with a 50 year guarantee against scratching.)

5. Avoid Bleached Paper Products: Coffee filters and parchment paper are found in just about every kitchen in America. Check your cabinets. Are you using white filters and paper? They get the white coloring from bleach, which creates highly toxic dioxins.
Make the toxic free switch: Don’t fear! You can still enjoy your coffee and favorite cookies. Switch to unbleached filters and parchment paper for safer coffee and baking.


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Fall Fashion Preview

I’ve had a blast this summer. We were jam packed with swimming and parks and weddings and vacations and everything that makes for an amazing summer. But I’m having a hard time coming to terms with it being September. I’m doing my best to not think about the freezing weather and early sunsets and getting back into blogging is just the thing to help. So here we go. I’m hoping to share a lot of great info on living stylishly clean as the daylight hours get shorter and shorter. I have make up reviews, fashion & tips for nontoxic living already in the works.

You can’t do clean living without “stylishly” so here are some fall fashion trends that I’m loving at the moment.

I love grey any time of year but during the fall I naturally think of browns, reds and purples. But this year is different. Grey is all over the runways and fashion magazines this season so Break out your grey garb and stay in style.

20140822-094149.jpgFaux-Leather Scrunch Flats $24.94, Old Navy

20140822-094156.jpgSloan-Fit Texture Slim Ankle Pant $89.50

20140822-094203.jpgGrey Chambray Shirt $26.94, Old Navy

This might be my favorite of all the trends this season. The poncho is making a come back. I love the versatility of this piece. Pair it with shorts while there are still a few more warm days and then swap the shorts for leggings or skinny jeans as the weather gets colder. I’m all about inexpensive pieces, but this is one you can splurge a bit on since you’ll get so much use out of it!

20140822-100318.jpgEileen Fisher Asymmetrical Poncho $158, Nordstrom

20140822-100634.jpgHollow Out Knitted Tassel Poncho Sweater $23.50, Ali Express

Slouchy Wide Leg Pant
This look has Kardashian written all over it. Once you get past the MC Hammer visual, you can actually take this look seriously. Great for a casual day look or dress it up for an ultra-glam evening look.

20140822-103608.jpgZippered Crepe Drawstring Joggers $22.80, Forever 21

20140822-103829.jpgFaux Leather-Trimmed Joggers $22.80, Forever 21

PURES & SHOES: Clutches, Structure & Fringe
There are some amazing accessories trending this fall. As a purse fanatic, I’m dying over some of these.

Clutches are HUGE this season. Any shape, size or color will do and the runways were filled with every possibility. Have a smaller clutch? Carry your wallet and essentials in it and keep it in your larger bag when needing more room. Makes for quicker and easier transition between purses.

20140822-105918.jpgBlack Clutch with Hand Strap $38 (pre-order), Fabriek

20140822-110215.jpgFold-Over Convertible Clutch $39.90, Express

Another big trend in purses this season is structure. These are classic styles that never go out of style so it’s ok to splurge!

20140822-112103.jpgMilly Sienna Tote $485, PiperLime

20140822-112309.jpgRalph Lauren $268, Lord & Taylor

I’ve never been a big fan of fringe, but there are some great ways to incorporate fringe into your wardrobe this year with these to-die-for accessories.

20140822-113013.jpgIsella Fringe Sandals $139, Bebe

20140822-113141.jpgSuede Mesh Fringe Point-Toe Pump in Scarlet $625 (pre-order), Neiman Marcus

20140822-113441.jpgFringe Tote Handbag in Cognac $29.99, Target

20140822-113745.jpgCruz Studded Suede Fringe Bucket Bag in Blue $54, Urban Outfitters

For even more Fall Fashion, check out my Pinterest page here.